Sunday 8 September 2013

Today's Review: Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp

With all the new Dairy Milk products flying onto the shelves, Mars have been a bit lacklustre in comparison. But they've certainly brought some new products out this year, and the latest is a brand new Galaxy flavour. This honeycomb crisp is your regular old Galaxy bar, but stuffed full of crispy honeycomb pieces. Nothing outrageously original, but it seems like a new direction for Mars.

As you can see, the bar has a somewhat generous portion of pieces, and even though this cross section may not best represent the entire bar, there are certainly enough to lend a nice honeycomb flavour overall. The pieces themselves are much like the innards of a Crunchie, crispy and slightly sticky. Combined with the smooth texture of the Galaxy chocolate, it's a very nice experience. This is certainly a great addition to the Galaxy range. Even if it's not a particularly original idea, it's pulled off with great success.

My rating: 5/5