Tuesday 24 September 2013

Today's Review: Wonka Crème Brûlée

After getting to try out the Millionaire's Shortcake and Chocolate Nice Cream bars quite early on, it seemed I would have to wait until the official October release date to get my hands on the last of the new Wonka flavours. But I managed to pick one up in Tesco today (after a couple of weeks of an empty shelf taunting me). You can tell I was eager to try this, as it's earned the coveted photo background that I like to call "The Tarmac Of Impatience".

Unlike the other two flavours, this one only comes in the big bar variety. This larger size actually has a pretty neat opening and resealing mechanism. There's a small tab around the back that peels off a layer near the top of the bar, as shown above. The underside is sticky, so it can easily be stuck back onto the foil once you've had a few squares. If there's any left, that is.

As for the taste? It's probably the best of the lot. As you can see from above, there's plenty of creamy filling, and it has a lovely vanilla flavour that blends in very nicely with the chocolate. The caramel crunchy bits are the best though. There's plenty of them, and they remain after the rest of the chocolate and filling have melted in the mouth. But this wouldn't be called Crème brûlée if they were just simple caramel pieces, right? Thankfully, the crunchy pieces have a very nice burnt twist, that takes a backseat to the sweetness, but is still very noticeable. I've had some Crème brûlée chocolate before that had an overwhelming burnt taste, but this bar does it perfectly. So if you've tried the other two bars and not found them quite to your liking, you should still give this one a chance. It's truly scrum-diddly-umptious! Damn, thought I'd get through this one without a Wonka pun.

My rating: 5/5


  1. Well done for managing to find this! How much was it?

    Great review - I can't wait to try it myself :)

    1. It was £1.40. I was glad to see it as well, the anticipation was killing me.

    2. Brilliant - thanks. I'll keep a look out :)