Saturday 14 September 2013

Today's Review: Rocky Mountain Mega Mallows

Everyone loves a marshmallow. They're chewy, gooey, packed full of tooth rotting sugar, how could you say no? Well, now there's more to love with Rocky Mountain Mega Mallows. They're just like mallows, but mega, although you probably worked that out from the product name.

Just how mega are these mallows? Well, I forewent standard measurement systems for no reason, so here's a mallow next to a bag of Walkers:

That's about the size of the actual portion of crisps you get
And here's one being held by a standard 11.5 inch Barbie: 

Now I just want to shove her body through a bunch of them and make a Stay Puft Marshmallow Barbie
So yeah, they're pretty big, and thankfully they're delicious too. I wanted to make S'mores, like the bag says you should, but Tesco don't seem to stock Graham crackers, to my dismay. I shall have to S'more it up once I've visited my local Asian supermarket. But yeah, these marshmallows are great on their own. They didn't seem that big to me for some reason, but one was enough to fill me up. They're fluffy, but heavy and gooey, and they certainly didn't leave a sickly taste despite the size. So pick up a bag today, and play the world's shortest game of Chubby Bunny.

My rating: 5/5


  1. Haha, ace review. Only on this blog would I see a picture of Barbie holding a giant marshmallow :D

    I think graham crackers are similar to digestive biscuits, you could try them for making S'mores.

    1. I think Digestives are slightly too crumbly to give an authentic experience. There's a place across the street from work that sells honey flavoured Grahams, so I'll probably pick some of them up.