Thursday 26 September 2013

Today's Review: Cadbury Spooky Strawberry Cake Bars

With all the Christmas stuff lining the shelves, it's easy to forget that Halloween is coming soon. Well, it's not really easy to forget, but I certainly haven't seen much Halloween themed food in the shops yet. I have stumbled upon these Spooky Strawberry cake bars, and they certainly seemed appealing. Basically, they're chocolate cake bars, with strawberry topping inside. But the kicker is, the topping is green.

There you have it. It may not be a truly gruesome, fluorescent ooze type of green, but it's certainly not the colour that strawberry filling should be. As such, it doesn't really taste too much like strawberry either. It's like the time Heinz brought out green ketchup. It looked cool, but it certainly didn't taste right. That's psychology for you. Still, there is a hint of strawberry in the filling, and there's quite a generous amount compared to the rest of the bar. For some reason I was expecting a swiss roll type cake, despite there being no mention of it on the packaging. Instead we have a moist chocolate sponge, encased in some nice Cadbury chocolate. Certainly very nice, and it works quite well with the generously portioned filling, it's just that the colour must have put off my taste buds a bit. If you're looking for some gruesome style food to kick off Halloween, keep an eye out for these.

My rating: 4/5

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