Monday 12 May 2014

Today's Review: Tesco Cookie Mallow Cheesecake

I'm on a bit of a Tesco kick lately, but they are bringing out an awful lot of new products, so who can blame me? I took a naughty wander down the cake aisle the other day, and aside from the delicious chocolate fudge cupcakes and... interesting Weirdoughs, this Cookie Mallow Cheesecake caught my eye. What it contains is clear from the title, but any dessert that combines cookies, marshmallow and cheesecake has got to be worth a try.

That is one sexy cross-section. The top is a thick, fluffy layer of marshmallow. It's pretty similar in texture to baffling American spread Marshmallow Fluff, but a little lighter. Underneath we have the creamy, cheesy centre of the cheesecake. It's smooth and delicious, and of course, this is a cookie mallow cheesecake, so there are little cookie chunks spread generously throughout that add a soft chocolatey surprise to every mouthful. Finally, at the bottom, we have the classic biscuit base you'd find in any cheesecake. But it's not your plain old digestive, no, it's chocolate, because this dessert doesn't play games.

Obviously there's a lot going on in this cheesecake, and it all works pretty well together. My only gripe is that the mallow topping is a little too thick, and the sticky, sugary taste does overwhelm the rest of the layers a little. Still, this is a great combination of sweet treats, and well worth seeking out.

My rating: 4/5 

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