Saturday 3 May 2014

Today's Review: Candy Land Refreshers Dip Dab

The child in me is always partial to a Dip Dab, or any other equivalent. Lollipops are awesome, and having some sherbet or pop rocks to dip them in makes them even better. I also love Refreshers, so I was happy to find this Refreshers Dip Dab that promised to combine the best of both worlds.

Indeed, the lolly does taste like a Refreshers bar. It's a little scratchy on the tongue after a while, but the flavours are bold and fruity, and it would probably make a good lolly just on its own. But where this Dip Dab really shines is in the sherbet. It's raspberry flavour, and is at once fantastically smooth and wonderfully tingly. I normally get a bit sick of sherbet after a little while, but with this one I found myself scraping the empty packet just to get another taste. So if you fancy dipping your dab, it's well worth seeking out one of these.

My rating: 5/5

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