Friday 2 May 2014

Today's Review: Pizza Hut's X-Tremely Cheesy Pizza

Another week, another pizza. I tried out Pizza Hut's X-Tremely Hot pizza last week, and while it was pretty good, I was left wondering what the cheesy one would taste like. So naturally, I had to give it a go. This one contains cheese, extra cheese, and some more cheese (well, cheese sauce). So overall, a very cheesy pizza.

So how does it taste? Well, cheesy, and that's a good thing. The cheese is layered on nice and thick, making for a goopy, chewy pizza worthy of adorning a Ninja Turtle's plate. The cheese sauce adds a lovely layer of creaminess, and a bit of a different texture that gives a nice break from the regular rubbery cheese. If you like cheese on your pizza, you're going to love this one. X-Tremely cheesy indeed, and X-Tremely delicious too.

My rating: 5/5

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