Monday 5 May 2014

Today's Review: White Chocolate Covered Oreos

Everybody loves Oreos, even in their normal form they're a classic that can't really be beaten. But we also have chocolate or peanut butter cream Oreos, or Oreos that are filled with double the stuff, and they're awesome too. But why bother changing all the stuff on the inside when you can just dump a load of chocolate on top?

Yes, these Oreos are "baƱadas choco blanco", or "dipped in white chocolate", and somehow this changes the whole experience. Regular Oreos sometimes come in handy packs of four, but you only get two of these white chocolate monstrosities at a time. That's because the layer of white chocolate is extremely thick and filling, and makes the whole experience more like eating small cakes. The chocolate is lovely and smooth, and makes for even more of a sandwich effect, with cream between cookie, between chocolate. Despite being loaded with sweet stuff, these cookies aren't all that sickly, but it would definitely be difficult to polish off a whole lot of these at once as they're quite filling. Still, they're delicious, and certainly a well done spin on the original cookie. If you can find a box of these, they're well worth tucking in to.

My rating: 5/5


  1. These are amazing. A few years ago Morrisons started selling them for Christmas and I remember buying loads when they were reduced. So thick, sickly sweet and satisfying. Perfect dunked in coffee.

  2. There's also a milk chocolate version, I sometimes see it in discount stores.

    1. I think I tried the milk chocolate version a long time ago, 'tis but a distant memory, but I'll definitely be looking out for them.

  3. Argh I LOVE these - they used to be available in Asda. It's still the answer I give when people ask me what my favourite biscuit is.