Wednesday 21 May 2014

Today's Review: Candy Land Wham Rocket

I reviewed the Refreshers Dip Dab a little while back, and found to be mightily tasty. Since then, I've had a hankering for interesting sweet treats, so I returned to Wilkinson to scour their 4 for £1 section, and found this Wham Rocket. It's not a Dip Dab, it's not a Sherbet Fountain, it's somewhere in between.

This neat little package contains the same awesome raspberry sherbet as found in the Refreshers Dip Dab. It's smooth, tingly, and delicious. What's more, there are tiny crunchy fruit pieces mixed in, which add a nice difference in texture throughout. The dipper is interesting too. It's not a lolly, it's not liquorice, instead it's a pink foamy spoon thing, which is apparently raspberry flavoured, but tasted more like a foam shrimp sweet to me. Still, it's certainly good for scooping up the stuff inside, but it was so nice I just ended up eating it first and tipping the sherbet straight into my face. If you ask me, anything that you eat in a way that makes you disgusted with yourself after has to be good, and the Wham Rocket certainly is delicious. 

My rating: 5/5

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