Sunday 11 January 2015

Today's Review: Chef & Brewer Oreo Cookie Sandwich

Becoming slightly disheartened with our recent experiences at chain pub restaurants, we decided to try out a different one altogether tonight, with a visit to our local Chef & Brewer pub. The prices may have been slightly higher than the Fayre & Square and Flaming Grills, but the menu looked pretty damn good. The pub we visited, the Horse & Groom in Chelmsford, was a far cry from many other chain pubs we've visited, with some great interior decorating, and welcoming staff providing top notch service. So after tucking into my main of a juicy, tender Wagyu beef burger with crisp sweet potato fries and truffle mayonnaise (all amazing), I focused on the dessert menu, and my eyes immediately settled on the "Oreo Cookie Sandwich".

Described as "an over-sized sandwich of creamy vanilla mousse between two layers of dark biscuit crumb", how could I resist? As you can tell form the picture, the description is spot on. This sandwich is a monster, a thick wedge of vanilla mousse that would rival even the most stacked cheesecake portion. I say this is mousse, but it more has the texture of ice cream, it's certainly cold and easy to scoop in that respect. The taste, however, is quite mousse like, somewhat lighter than vanilla ice cream would be, with a great, creamy vanilla flavour that was filling, but never sickly.

The outer layer of crumbs doesn't look all that much compared to the innards, but as long as you get some in every spoonful, they provide a dark, chocolatey flavour that beautifully balances against the mousse, adding in a nice bit of crunch as well. To top it all off, there's a fresh strawberry on top, and the whole thing is drizzled in chocolate sauce. This is the best dessert I've had while eating out for a long time, I was drawn in by the promise of Oreo, but blown away with the resulting monstrosity on my plate. Definitely full marks.

My rating: 5/5

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