Friday 23 January 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Macaroni Cheese Pasta Pot

After being a little disappointed with the Tesco noodle pot I had the other day, I was hoping I would find salvation in the form of this pot of macaroni cheese. This is another chilled snack I picked up with some vouchers Tesco sent me, and it's in keeping with the theme, a single serving ideal for lunchtimes where you find yourself near a microwave. This pot may be a little on the calorific side, but hey, it's macaroni cheese, you can't expect it to be too healthy, can you?

While the teriyaki pot had several elements that just fell shy of having the right balance, there's not much to the mac 'n' cheese in comparison. That's certainly not a bad thing though, as after sticking this in the microwave for just three minutes I was greeted with a delicious pot containing two tasty ingredients. The macaroni is soft, but nowhere near mushy, while the cheese sauce is a full, thick serving that sufficiently covers the pasta. Since the sauce is so thick and tasty, it's easy to get a forkful alongside the macaroni, meaning there's never a bland mouthful, just cheesy, chewy goodness 'til the very end. 

There wasn't a lot for Tesco to get wrong in this case, but it still could have gone awry. Thankfully they've delivered a tasty, convenient macaroni cheese pot that you can eat just about anywhere. 

My rating: 5/5

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