Thursday 29 January 2015

Today's Review: Pockets

What's in your pocket? Probably something, because we use pockets all the time. Phone, wallet, keys, gum, The One Ring, pockets can hold all kinds of wonderful items, ready for retrieval at a moment's notice. I use my pockets all the time, and it's only through some unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that I, on the odd occasion, find myself without any pockets. That is a glimpse into a dark alternate reality, a reality where pockets don't exist.

Can you imagine? A world where our clothing is flat and featureless, where its only functions are to cover our modesty, keep us warm, become accepted in social groups and attract a potential mate. What good is all that if we can't get our phones out of our pocket to post about it on social media? You may say we'd still have bags to put all our stuff in, but you know what a bag is? A big, standalone pocket. Without pockets, there may not even be any bags, and besides, I find bags unwieldy. I like to roam free, my pockets filled with whatever I may need that day, my shoulders swinging majestically, not anchored by straps and weight.

So yeah, pockets are great. I mean, sure, people can hide some nasty things in their pockets. For some reason John Wilkes Booth springs to mind, maybe if he didn't have pockets Abe Lincoln would still be alive today. But I think the benefits of pockets outweigh the nasty stuff. You can't extrapolate the actions of pocket extremists onto all those that use their pockets for peaceful purposes. Besides, everyone knows pockets are great. I certainly wouldn't want to live without them.

My rating: 5/5

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