Sunday 25 January 2015

Today's Review: Electric Shocks

I received something of a mild electric shock earlier while unplugging something in the jungle of wires behind my TV. It certainly wasn't a bad one, but it gave me a good enough jolt that my hand still aches a little a few hours later. We use so much electricity in our daily lives that we often neglect to notice that it wants to murder us all. Given the chance, that stuff will flow through you, burning your tissue or stopping your heart entirely. Electricity is quite the jerk.

Not that all shocks are severe. Some are relatively mild, in fact. The static shock you get every so often when you touch a piece of metal, or those strange arcade machines where you voluntarily shock yourself, they won't cause any lasting damage. But that doesn't mean electric shocks are any good. They all hurt, it's really just the difference between attempting to maim you and killing you. Electricity does a lot of good for us, but it hates our bodies. Well, actually, it likes to use our bodies, and doesn't care at all how we feel about it. From slight tingle to complete annihilation, electric shocks are just bad.

My rating: 0/5

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