Saturday 3 January 2015

Today's Review: This Foreign Nestlé Bar

I picked up this interesting Nestlé bar from a 99p shop a few weeks ago, but I've held off reviewing it as I'm not actually sure what it is. It says "le chocolat" under the logo there, implying it's French, but then has some other language underneath the picture. I've attempted to Google what the hell this could be based on what's in it, and the closest thing I can find is that it's a Straciatella bar, named after the milk-based gelato that contains chocolate chips. Thankfully, Evening Treats has my back and has done a lot more legwork than me, so check it out.

So yes, this bar consists of white chocolate, with a smattering of dark chocolate chips throughout, and some crispy pieces thrown in for good measure. It's pretty much like a white Crunch bar, but with some dark chocolate to make things interesting. The white chocolate is pretty nice and creamy, with something of a vanilla-like taste, and the dark chocolate adds a little bit of a different flavour, detracting from the white when it starts to get too sickly. The crispy bits are a welcome addition as well, throwing in a nice bit of texture. This bar is a little too heavy on the white chocolate though, and while it's nice, it does get a little too much after a while. This is a nice change from regular Nestlé slabs, but I think I'd rather stick with the milk chocolate Crunch. At least I can read the writing on the packaging.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. Nestle also do a version of this bar under the "Boci" brand. Very tasty. There's also a lime cream version.