Thursday 23 July 2015

Today's Review: Starbucks Origin Espresso Kenya Coffee

I was recently sent a bag of Origin Espresso Kenya for review, a coffee that has apparently been available before, and is now back for a limited time until August 31st. I must say, I've never bought coffee beans from Starbucks, so I was excited to see the kind of coffee I could be brewing at home. I even bought a cafetière for the occasion. 

Basically, this makes some damn good coffee. It's both bold and refreshing, a fantastically flavoursome coffee with some definite fruity undertones. I've grown to prefer my coffee white, but even drinking this black I was completely satisfied. It's a full flavoured brew that gives a fantastic hit of energy. I brewed it into a good old cup of joe, but for those who own a fancy Espresso machine I'd imagine it would taste just as good. I always tended to look over the beans in Starbucks, but I'll definitely be paying closer attention in future. You should definitely pick up a bag of these beans while you still can.

My rating: 5/5

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