Thursday 30 July 2015

Today's Review: Jolly Rancher Tropical Chews

Jolly Ranchers are one of those American sweets I wish I could find more of over here. They're like Fox's Glacier Fruits on acid, fantastically bold sweets with some great flavours. So I was happy to find this chewy variety in Poundland a few days ago, and with new flavours no less. There are four to choose from in this modestly sized box: Lemon-lime, pineapple, strawberry-kiwi and tropical punch. 

Well, the box says "chews", and it's right. These are certainly some chewy sweets. They took a while for me to get my teeth into, and they definitely gave my jaw a good workout. Unfortunately my effort wasn't quite rewarded with as fantastic a flavour as I'd hoped. Sure, the flavours are nice, and taste like their respective fruits, or fruit punches. But they're just not all that strong. The taste seems to be lost behind the chewiness of the sweet itself, which sounds strange, but I just wish they were stronger. These aren't bad by any means, they're still pretty tasty, but they're decidedly average compared to their flavoursome boiled sweet counterparts.

My rating: 3/5

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