Wednesday 22 July 2015

Today's Review: Cereal Killer Café

In a very unassuming part of Brick Lane, there's a café that made some headlines when it opened up. This is the Cereal Killer Café, an eatery that deals exclusively in breakfast cereals. But not just any breakfast cereals, they've tapped into the expanding market of American imports, and my word have they gone in with guns blazing. Here's the selection of cereals on offer:

There are your more classic cereals with interesting flavours, such as Cheerios and Special K, and many staples of American breakfast time, ranging from Trix to Cap'n Crunch. I've been getting hold of as many American cereals as I can over the years, and I was staggered by the amount of varieties available that I've yet to touch. However, as the headlines have repeated, this cereal don't come cheap. £3 will get you a small bowl of a cereal of your choice, which certainly is pricey, but while this place does offer some generic British classics such as Corn Flakes, I doubt anyone will be popping in daily for their boring breakfast fix. You see, the Cereal Killer Café is about the experience, and if the colourful array of exciting cereal boxes doesn't cut it for you, there's a fantastic seating area downstairs that's like walking into a retro kitchen/dining room.

Old styley TVs line one wall, stacked with VHS tapes of Friends. That bottom right hand screen was playing Clarissa Explains It All, it's like I wandered back into my childhood for a quick morning snack. This place has an amazing look, and is kitted out with all kinds of retro stuff, from the table lamps to selection of old cereal toys on display.

I'm pretty sure my nana has those cupboards. But hey, look at the stuff inside. I know I did for the duration of my "meal", pointing out toys that I remember, from the big head Powerpuff Girl figures to those things you clip on your bike wheel. It's predominantly 90s stuff, but I doubt that's because people just don't eat cereal anymore, it was just a better time. E numbers abounded, sugar was plentiful and there was always the gamble over whether the toy would fall in your bowl or your sibling's. The memories came rushing back, and I was happy to have forked over the inflated cereal price for a good dose of nostalgia. But I also had cereal. But which to choose from?

You can go for the plain old bowl of whatever you like, with a side helping of milk, but there are more options on offer for the adventurous breakfast buff. You can get flavoured milk, mixed with Hershey's syrup, and all kinds of chips added to your bowl. If you can't make that many decisions, you can choose from a "cocktail", a pre-planned bowl of goodness that combines many interesting flavours. 

This is the Peanut Butter Jelly, a combination of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, peanut butter chips and strawberry milk. You get a very large amount of milk compared to the cereal, but thankfully it comes separate so you can add as little as you'd like. The Cap'n Crunch was amazing, crunchy, peanut butter goodness, and the Reese's chips added a lovely creamy texture to it. Mixed in with the bold, sweet strawberry milk, it did taste just like a PB&J, and I devoured it with a smile on my face. I know I'll be back again, there are too many cereals that I need to eat. But you should go too, because this place is completely rad (that's a 90s term, right?)

My rating: 5/5


  1. Woah that's so cool a cereal cafe!!! Mind blown!! Totally going there!

  2. I've heard about this cafe but I haven't been yet! It sounds interesting though! I love that you can get different flavours of milk with your cereal.

    Serena /