Tuesday 14 July 2015

Today's Review: Wonka Sour Puckerooms

I've tried a fair few Wonka products over the years, and it's always nice to find something I haven't sampled. I found this interesting looking bag in a 99p Stores, a selection of Sour Puckerooms, sour mushroom gums that come in three flavours: cherry, lemon orange and grape.

Well, the packet says so anyway, I really couldn't tell them apart, could you? Some were slightly lighter than others, but they're really too similar. They feel pretty gross too, really sticky and squidgy, with the grainy sour coating providing a pretty gross contrast. It's like someone got a load of those sticky toys you throw at a window and rubbed them around in sand. So, being thoroughly disgusted with the feel of these sweets, I was hoping the taste would redeem them

Sadly not. Sure, there's some flavour here, but not much at all. The lemon orange taste vaguely citrusy, the grape manages to be sickly without providing a lot of taste. The cherry is decidedly bland, which just rounds off an overall disappointing bag of sweets. They're not even sour, just a bit grainy. I may like a bit of Wonka, but I'll be leaving these on the shelf in future.

My rating: 1/5