Thursday 9 July 2015

Today's Review: Cheetos Crunchy Cheese

I've been eating Crunchy Cheetos whenever I've been able to get my hands on them for the last few years, so I got irrationally excited when I saw Grocery Gems had managed to find that Cheetos had been relaunched in the UK. I love the Crunchy Cheetos, and I figured I'd only ever buy them at inflated import prices over here, but thankfully you can now pick up a bag for a mere 39p from Premier shops.

I was half expecting these to be different from the international versions that I've tried over the years, after all, the UK Mountain Dew is an inferior version to the original American soft drink. Fortunately, these are exactly the same Cheetos, they've managed to avoid whatever silly food regulations have been ruling over snacks for years now. The pack consists of a load of nobbly, cheesy sticks, similar to Nik Naks in texture, but dangerously cheesy. At least, that's what Chester Cheetah says. It's a bold cheese flavour that completely coats the nobbly crisps and then some, providing a full hit of flavour, while also leaving the famous Cheeto dust behind on your fingers, so you can keep on enjoying the taste even after the pack is done. I can't fault these Cheetos. They taste great, some very cheesy, satisfyingly crunchy crisps that you should totally go and buy right now.

My rating: 5/5

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