Tuesday 7 July 2015

Today's Review: Marks & Spencer Summer Trifle Cookies

I've been pretty heavy on the M&S stuff these last few days, right? Well, I only picked up three things on my trip there, so I'll move on tomorrow. But these interesting cookies are a good thing to finish on. Summer is here, and that means trifle apparently. But a real trifle is only good for parties, with like, bowls and spoons and stuff. It's impractical anywhere else. But M&S want to ensure you get that trifle experience anywhere, by taking the classic dessert and shoving it into a cookie. Specifically, a custard flavoured cookie, filled with sour cherries and almond flakes.

I was pretty excited to try out a trifle flavoured cookie, and what I got was pretty nice. The cookie does indeed taste like custard, and the sour cherry chunks are pretty big and pack a lot of flavour, delivering a sweet, fruity experience overall. But, to be honest, they don't remind me a whole lot of trifle. The almonds within the cookies add an extra layer of flavour that kind of distracts from the custard, and the parts without cherry chunks can be a little dry. Besides, a large part of the trifle, the cream, isn't represented at all here. They're still some pretty good cookies, but they're certainly not completely trifle-like. 

My rating: 4/5

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