Monday 6 July 2015

Today's Review: Marks & Spencer Percy's Family Mix

During my brief trip to M&S yesterday, I also thought I'd catch up on a craze that I've so far avoided. Everyone I've heard talk about Percy Pigs display nothing but admiration for them, so I figured I'd pick up a bag. But lo and behold, there's a new assortment available that not only contains Percy, but his entire pig family. Apparently there isn't just a Percy Pig, there's also a Penny Pig, and they've popped out some sprogs to make a wonderfully varied pack of treats. Percy is the standard raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape, while Penny has a lemon flavour. The piglets seem to take after their respective parents though, one set are strawberry and blueberry, while the other two are orange and lime. What makes these even more authentic is that there's actual pork in there, so good on M&S for avoiding that false advertising trap. In other words, these aren't great for vegetarians.

I can't remember ever eating a Percy Pig before, but I certainly do now. The texture is very interesting, sort of a mix between foamy and gummy sweet, and the flavours contained within are in keeping with what they're supposed to be. They're nice and chewy, but the foaminess takes the edge off and makes sure there are no nasty stuck in teeth incidents. Each fruity flavour is identifiable and bold, and they last long after the sweet is gone. The mix of adult pigs and piglets really make for a nice range of flavours throughout the bag. Not that I'd complain about an entire bag of Percys, but it's nice that there's a mix. 

I'm a Percy Pig convert. These sweets are great. I'm not going to go out and kit myself in the merchandise, but I'll certainly be buying these again. My kids really enjoyed them too, especially my two year old, as she likened each sweet to a member of Peppa Pig's family, before ripping bits of their faces off and gleefully telling me they no longer had ears, eyes or noses. Ah, the innocence of childhood.

My rating: 5/5

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