Wednesday 8 March 2017

Today's Review: Leysieffer Kaffee Crema Capsules

Yes, I'm still reviewing espresso capsules. Yes, I was sent quite a few packs. Yes, I'm pretty wired lately, why do you ask? Well, after the strong and sweet ristretto, and the more bitter lungo, I gave the crema a go. Again, I used the bare minimum of Google skills to gain information on the specific terminology, and crema refers to the lighter, tan liquid that comes out during the extraction process. Now, the lungo I reviewed yesterday was as dark as my soul, but check this one out:

Oh yeah, I bought espresso cups too, now I really look the part. Anyway, this is a nice looking shot of espresso, the cream on top is uniform and a nice light colour. There was some of that present in the ristretto, but it's a lot more consistent in this shot. As for the taste, it is somewhat sweet, the bitterness is much less pronounced than in most espressos I've had. This stuff is on the milder side too, a slightly watery taste, although there's some good quality coffee at its base still. I like this, more than the lungo capsule, although still not quite as much as the ristretto. Remember, you can pick all these up from the Leysieffer Kaffee website, they're available in Nespresso compatible form, and you can order a few packs and still pay the same postage. I highly recommend these, they make some great cups of espresso. I've still got one more variety to review though, so watch this space. Looks like it's espresso week for this blog.

My rating: 4/5

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