Wednesday 29 March 2017

Today's Review: Ritz Bakefuls

I received an elaborate box in the post yesterday, that upon opening provided me with a sample of the new Ritz Bakefuls on a cardboard concertina lift. Top marks for presentation, and I had high hopes for what was inside as well. Ritz Crisp & Thins have been a thing for a while, and this appears to be an individual, baked version of those. I'm all for a bag of Ritz, especially when it comes in salt & vinegar flavour. Ooh, look!

These are thicker than the Crisp & Thin, but I think they're an all round better cracker. They're less greasy, and have a nice satisfying crunch that gives way to a good amount of flavour. The vinegar in these ones is still more pronounced than the salt, but it's a better balance, and these are a great, flavoursome pack of crackers. A must try for all you caustic vinegar crisp lovers out there.

I wasn't particularly expecting these to be great, as cheese & onion is one of my least favourite flavours. These, however, are great. There's less emphasis on the onion, so while it's present it's not overpowering. The creaminess of the cheese is what stands out here, it's a lovely smooth taste that blends in really well with the onion and the flavour of the cracker itself. Probably the best version of cheese & onion I've had in a while.

These Ritz Bakefuls are some great bags of crackers, and will make for a nice, relatively healthy snack. A nice effort, and a marked improvement on the Crisp & Thin.

My rating: 5/5