Thursday 16 March 2017

Today's Review: Spicy Space Raiders

You can't get much for 20p nowadays, but you can get a pack of Space Raiders. What a classic, although they were 10p for around 30 years, and now they're twice that... Inflation, eh? I didn't eat a whole lot of these as a kid, but I dabbled, and I don't remember seeing a spicy version on my travels. What drew me to this packet was the alien with the melted face, presumably because these things are face-meltingly spicy. 

No, not that, these aren't really that spicy. Or flavoursome. They're some pretty lacklustre crisps to be fair. The pickled onion ones are good from what I remember, but this is a pretty feeble attempt at spicy. There's a little bit of heat in there, sure, but the taste doesn't stick around for long, I was just left chowing down on pretty flavourless lumps of corn snack. If I've had these before, there's probably a reason I don't remember them. Go for the pickled onion instead, these just aren't great.

My rating: 2/5

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