Monday 6 March 2017

Today's Review: Leysieffer Kaffee Ristretto Capsules

I was recently sent a nice package of coffee capsule products from German coffee brand Leysieffer Kaffee. They offer a pretty good selection of coffee products, from whole bean to filter, but the capsules is what I got, so the capsules it what I'll talk about. These capsules work in the Leysieffer Kaffee capsule machine, but each variety is available as a Nespresso compatible capsule for those who already have one. Let's look at the strongest of the bunch first, because I sure do love a strong coffee. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite prepared for the sudden acquisition of a bunch of espresso, so the only mug I could find to fit in the machine was this small Mario one from an Easter egg.

Hey, it works, right? First off, let's talk espresso. I don't dabble in it too much, I normally go for the milkier pick me ups in the morning. But I have occasionally sprung for an espresso from the likes of Starbucks and Costa in the hopes of an instant jolt of energy, and while they did perk me up, I did not enjoy the taste. I haven't tried the Nespresso capsules to be able to adequately compare these ones, but I must say this is the best espresso I've ever had.

It's bitter, sure, espresso is bitter by nature. But this one is couple with a smoothness that makes it incredibly enjoyable to drink, it's almost creamy, and is clearly made with some good quality coffee. I can't say I'm an expert in barista related matters, but a bit of Googling has given me a basic knowledge of ristretto vs. regular epsresso. This stuff is created from water forced through the grounds faster than normal, yielding less volume, but leaving less acidity in the cup than there normally would be. Makes sense, as the bitterness is very muted in this capsule, and it does taste almost sweet. As for the intensity, there's a 5 rating on the back of the box, and I'd agree with that, it gives a great boost of energy that lasts for a good while. 

This is an espresso I wouldn't mind drinking to wake me up every morning. A pack of the Nespresso compatible capsules will set you back about 14€, which works out to just about 30p each. That's on par with the official stuff, although ordering from the Leysieffer Kaffee site will cost around the same amount in postage. Good news is it looks like you can add a few packs and still pay the flat delivery charge, so that may tip the balance for you. I'll be reviewing some more of the capsules over the coming days, so if you enjoy your espresso, watch this space. We're off to a good start with this Ristretto though.

My rating: 5/5

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