Monday 13 March 2017

Today's Review: Bear Yo Yos Super Sour Mango & Apple

Back in my day there didn't seem to be any rules on what could go in your lunchbox, but nowadays there are bans on all kinds of items. Fruity lunchbox snacks are a big thing now, and kids seem to go crazy for these Bear Yo Yos. They're like Fruit Winders, but, I don't know, more organic? Basically it's a bunch of fruit smooshed together and rolled up, and it comes with a fun collectible card. Yo Yos have been around for a while, but now there's a "super sour" version, and I couldn't resist that. These ones are mango and apple flavour, but there are some lemons chucked in there as well, to give it that sour kick. These actually have a fairly decent tang to them, I wouldn't call them super sour, but it's hanging around in the after taste. The mango and apple are both pretty well represented, some decent natural flavours, but once the sour element kicks in it overwhelms the fruit a little. Still, this is a perfectly decent snack, it's not mind-blowingly sour, but it's aimed at kids, so I can't be too mad. This is definitely a good lunchbox filler.

My rating: 4/5

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