Monday 7 August 2017

Today's Review: Cadbury Crunchy Melts Soft Cookie Centre

I rated the regular chocolate version of these Crunchy Melts yesterday, so I figured today I'd give the cookie centre ones a go. These are basically the same deal, a chocolate chip cookie with a gooey centre, but this time the centre consists of more cookie. Cookie in cookie, an odd combination, but I figured after heating them up there'd be enough goo to separate the two.

The cookies are good, much like the offering I reviewed yesterday. They're crumbly, and very generous with the chocolate chips embedded throughout. As for the centre, I can't say it's overly noticeable. It does get a little softer in the middle, but where I was hoping for more of a cookie dough flavour, it just seems to be a softer version of the same cookie. It does get better after heating them up, that soft centre gets nicely warm, and has more of that cookie dough feel in comparison to the still crumbly cookie. But the actual gooey part wasn't as large as I'd hoped, so this variety was pretty average compared to the chocolate filled ones. I'd stick with those ones if I were you.

My rating: 3/5

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