Friday 18 August 2017

Today's Review: Haribo Smurfs Chamallows

Haribo have pumped out quite a few varieties of their marshmallows over the years, and now they've been given the Smurfs treatment. These ones are in the shape of the whole Smurfs family. We have Smurfette, Baby Smurf, a regular Smurf, and a house. Yeah, a house, families come in all shapes and sizes these days. 

Now, I like Chamallows, but these ones aren't too great. They're very sugary, grittily so. I'm guessing the different colours are supposed to provide slightly different flavours, but all I could taste was pure sugar. Not that I'd expect much else from a marshmallow, but these were just too much. They're fairly small, so there's not much room for a creamy filling, they're just Smurf shaped elongated surface areas full of overly sweet stuff. If you're looking for a Smurf fix, I'd go for the chewy sweets. These are not great marshmallows, especially when I know Haribo can do the regular Chamallows pretty well.

My rating: 1/5

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