Wednesday 30 August 2017

Today's Review: New Recipe KIND Bars

I recently received a package of KIND bars in the post, a couple of the flavours have undergone a face lift/recipe change, so I was sent some to see what I thought. I already commented on these pretty kindly when I tried them out a while back, but I didn't find these particular ones to be perfect back then. Let's see if these changes are for the better.

The almond & coconut has had its packaging changed from dark brown to a breezy blue, and I think it's a little more fitting with its tropical nature. Inside the wrapper, it seems as if the bar has undergone an improvement too. In my last review I noted that this one was very sweet, with the coconut being a bit overwhelming. Tucking into this one, I noticed the coconut wasn't quite as pronounced, the nuttiness shines through very nicely, and I wouldn't say it's as sickly as I remember the last one being. Looks like an improvement all round.

As for the dark chocolate mocha, I mentioned last time how the coffee wasn't strong, which was what I was hoping. The bar I received this time seems to place a bit more focus on the coffee element, this tastes fairly dark and bitter compared to how I remember the last one. It's not a bad thing, it's still a nice, authentic coffee flavour mixed well with dark chocolate and an abundant underlying nuttiness. It's perhaps a little more bitter than I would like, but it's a great bar for all you coffee nuts out there. 

It's nice to see that even though these bars have been on the market for a relatively short time, changes are already being made in an effort to improve the recipes and aesthetics. They still taste great, and they're still pretty healthy, and accommodating to a variety of dietary needs. So keep an eye out for them.

My rating: 4/5

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