Sunday 16 July 2017

Today's Review: Doritos Roulette With Tabasco

Doritos Roulette came out a couple of years ago now, and the spicy ones packed a pretty decent punch. I was quite keen of them, despite the rest of the bag being filled with boring old cheese. Apparently my love of spicy stuff doesn't extend to the rest of the populace though. Now, this year, the Roulette has undergone a re-branding, in partnership with Tabasco sauce. Now, I like a bit of hot sauce, and I know that Tabasco doesn't exactly blow the socks off, but the bag is still touting the "ultra spicy" warning, so I was eager to see how these stood up to the original bag.

The only thing I got from this bag was a slight tingle on the tongue. At first it was even hard to distinguish between the cheese and Tabasco chips, it's only after a fair few that that warm feeling crept in. It's not intense, it's not even that spicy. These chips are a downgrade, and a disappointment. I'm guessing they toned them down to avoid any further bad press, but I know I won't be picking up a bag of these again. Even the Chilli Heatwave are spicier than the few Tabasco chips thrown in here. This is one low stakes roulette.

My rating: 1/5


  1. Good review, literally my exact thoughts. Couldn't even tell when I was eating the supposedly spicy ones. Perhaps people bought the old Roulette ones once as a gimmick and now they're hoping people will buy this more regularly? I will never buy them again that's for sure.

  2. Waste of time couldn't taste the difference not spicy enough will not but them again.

  3. I concur! Truly disappointed. Not wasting my money on this again!

  4. Yup, they've ruined the Roulettes completely

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