Sunday, 27 January 2019

Today's Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Flapjack Bites

After being pleasantly surprised by the Cadbury take on the classic cornflake cake, I had to go back and try out some of their other bakery boxes. Here we have their attempt at flapjacks, some compacted oaty squares with a liberal covering of chocolate. 

These ones are good. Really good. There's the danger when eating a flapjack that they'll go overboard with the butter or syrup, making the whole thing a squidgy, overly sweet mess. These flapjacks, however, have a great texture with a lovely oaty flavour. The chocolate on top is nice and thick, and lends a nice creaminess to the whole thing to balance it all out, there's no excess of butter needed when you've got a lovely bit of chocolate on top. A great box of flapjacks, I'll definitely be picking these up again.

My rating: 5/5

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