Monday 28 January 2019

Today’s Review: McVitie’s Moments Honeycomb Tiffin

McVitie’s have brought out a few of these Moments cake bites lately, and now they’ve introduced a couple of Easter flavours. Here we have honeycomb Ruffin, which doesn’t seem specifically Easter-themed but I guess invokes images of spring time. These consist of Digestive biscuits mixed with honeycomb, covered in chocolate and flower shaped sprinkles.

I’ve gotta say, I’m not a big fan. These are really quite dry. The chocolate on top is a nice touch. But the biscuit part is just quite bland. The honeycomb isn’t quite plentiful enough to add a lot to the flavour, and the Digestives steal the show to make it a pretty dry, stodgy experience. Even adding some raisins would have made this better, but as it is they’re definitely not worth the entry price. Not a patch on the other Moments varieties.

My rating: 2/5


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