Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Today’s Review: Hi-Chew Pineapple

I found these in the Co-Op, a little pack of sweets that promised to be “sensationally chewy”, and one that was exclusively pineapple flavoured as well. That really got my interest, normally they just lump all the tropical fruits together. So I had to check these out, thinking they’d be like those super chewy Japanese sweets.

These are certainly very chewy, treading that fine line between edible sweet and bubble gum. I would say the chewing goes on slightly too long, I was beginning to question whether I should swallow it or not. As for the flavour, it’s alright. Definitely pineapple-like, but it gets worse as it goes on, and since I was still chewing after a while the flavour had faded quite a bit. This is a decent enough attempt at a pineapple flavoured sweet, but it’s just a bit too chewy and the taste isn’t quite good for long enough. I’ll have to try out the more regular strawberry ones.

My rating: 3/5


  1. i have been meaning to get these having seen them in the local asian shop, previous japancrates i got had watermelon and orange flavours, and the last one had a pack of persimmon ones

  2. These pineapple-flavored sweets from Co-Op sound intriguing! I love how they offer a unique flavor instead of the typical tropical fruit assortment. The promise of being "sensationally chewy" makes me eager to try them. I wonder if they'll resemble the irresistibly chewy Japanese candies I enjoy. Overall, I'm excited to indulge in these pineapple treats and savor their distinct flavor. If I can't find them locally, I'll explore freight shipping services to get my hands on them.

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