Friday 1 November 2013

Today's Review: Dairylea Dunkers Mighty Mature & Fruity Pineapple

When I was a young boy, I was extremely excited about the release of the original Dairylea Dunkers, as I'm sure most kids were. Breadsticks, with cheese to dunk them in, all in one convenient package? What's not to love? Since the first instalment, Dairylea have introduced Ritz into the mix, which is an amazing move, but now they've gone one step further by releasing these Ritz Dunkers with different flavoured cheeses. I may not have eaten too many packs of Dunkers during my childhood, but I had to pick up these new varieties to give them a go, because I'm an adult now and I can eat whatever I want, mum!

Ahem. There are two new flavours on offer here, in the form of "mighty mature" and "fruity pineapple". The mature is pretty self explanatory (not that the pineapple is particularly complex), but it's a nice change from the regular cheese spread you'd get in your garden variety Dunkers. It's not exactly extra mature, but there's a tang to it that gives a nice little kick.

The pineapple flavour is pretty fantastic too. Everyone knows how well pineapple goes with cheese, be it cottage cheese or little blocks of cheddar on cocktail sticks. This is no exception. The cheese is smooth and creamy, with a subtle yet sweet pineapple flavour. Coupled with the Ritz biscuits you are given to dunk in the cheese, it's a great salty, sweet experience. The pineapple flavour is probably my favourite of the two, but I can't find fault with either. The only problem I find is managing to finish the biscuits without having a substantial amount of cheese left that I then have to scoop out with my finger. But hey, that's my fault, and practice makes perfect, right?

My rating: 10/10

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