Friday 25 March 2011

Today's Review: This Puzzle I Found In A Charity Shop

It was just a regular day, perusing the toys in my local charity shops, when amongst the normal jigsaws promoting heretic cartoonish behaviour I found this lost gem. It is a jigsaw named "Twenty Pictures Illustrative Of The Life Of Jesus Christ". Finally, just what I needed. My child spends so little time doing Christian themed jigsaws, finally I can introduce her to such amazing life periods as "Crucifixion" and "Washing His Disciples' Feet". Each pane is elaborately drawn with no background or skin colour, and coloured in yellow, blue and purple. This particular version of the puzzle is a faithful reproduction of a Victorian jigsaw, which is good for me because I like to base my faith on the version of a book some guy wrote over 100 years ago rather than the version of a book someone wrote in the last ten years.

I think my favourite thing about this puzzle is that each pane is in no way related to any other and no explanation behind each is given. I like this because one of my favourite pastimes is to take passages of the Bible out of their original context and use them to pass judgement on modern day events while touting that my views were right because I picked a single sentence verbatim from a book. Introducing such thinking at an early age should help my children develop into the God-fearing Bible-bashing wonder that I am. Thanks, "Twenty Pictures Illustrative Of The Life Of Jesus Christ". You're my new favourite toy.

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