Tuesday 15 March 2011

Today's Review: Tiredness

I'm tired. Don't you hate being tired? I know I do. I've got stuff I want to do. Sleep is an inconvenience at the best of times, but I can excuse that, I need to sleep for some reason. But then my body goes and winds right down by being tired. I have been sat here on the sofa for a long time, wanting to get up and do something but not being able to physically motivate myself. My mind is sluggish, my eyes hurt and my muscles ache.

Fuck that. This is my body. I'm in control. If I want to stay awake i'll bally well stay awake. But everything I try and do is impaired by this tired feeling spreading through me like a disease. There should be unwritten and unspoken rules about my brain being able to switch itself off at agreed times, we should be masters of our own sleeping destiny.

But no. Not gonna happen. Tiredness will continue to hound us until we die. It'll get worse. We'll get more tired. Hell, we'll probably even die tired. Wanna go for a run after a long day at work? Tough shit, you're tired. Been travelling around all day, which shouldn't really make you tired 'cause you're sitting down? Actually, yeah, you're tired. Eaten a comfortably large amount of food? Oh, guess what, you're tired.

I figured evolution would have beaten this stupid feeling out of us by now. Sure, we need a little bit of notice as to when the brain wants to shut down, but so many people are stuck in a perpetual state of tiredness it's hard to figure out when it's real or not. Often I'll get so downtrodden and fatigued in the middle of the day, but on the walk home I'll suddenly perk right up. It's so inconsistent and inconvenient. Even if we get the rest of our actions sorted in the most efficient way possible, tiredness can come along and wipe it all out from under you.

It used to be that the world was so little to do in the world that we probably needed to loaf around and sleep just to avoid being bored to death. But now there's so much stuff to do that being tired just isn't practical anymore. One day we won't need sleep because our brains will be replaced with robots. Or something. But until then, we're stuck with being tired. What bullshit.

My rating: 0/5

Sorry for the poor review, I was tired when I wrote it.

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