Tuesday 19 April 2011

Today's Review: Burger King's Bacon Double Cheeseburger

I remember the day when I had my first adult fast food meal. I was playing Full Throttle on the PC when my mum decided to take us to Burger King. Awesome. But I wasn't up for usual kiddie fare, I was ready to be a man. And the target of my affection was the bacon double cheeseburger.

I had one today, my first in a while. I took a picture but I can't upload it as I'm on the iPhone. Suffice it to say that it doesn't look like the picture, but I don't mind, it still looks amazing to me. Let me tell you how this beast was created. Someone had a burger once, but it was a bit too bready, so they stuck another patty inside. Then they realised that slaughtering one animal wasn't enough to satisfy them, so they cut up a pig and threw it in too. Then they put cheese in, just because.

The result is a beast of a burger. It has remained my favourite corporation fast food burger for over a decade, and has made Burger King the raging winner in the Maccy D's/King debate. This burger is juicy, it's meaty, it's everything a burger should be, fit for consumption by a real man.

Of course, I go for the XL version nowadays, because my body demands copious amounts of meat to stay alive and plump. The only trouble with this burger is that when I have one, I tend to just inhale it, which gives me indigestion and meat coughs. You know, like meat sweats but when you're expelling excess meat from your lungs. But it's worth every second. When I dream of meat (which isn't too often to be honest), I dream of bacon double cheeseburgers. Or the Meateasy, but that's another story for another day.

My rating: 5/5

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