Tuesday 12 April 2011

Today's Review: The Word "Minge"

Language is a wonderful thing. It can pain vivid portraits of rolling landscapes, describe breathtaking scenery, it can flow beautifully and engage you in any subject that the speaker desires. Yes, language is a very powerful tool. Knowing the right selection of words and ways to employ them, you can capture the attention and imagination of anyone you like.

There are so many synonyms and homonyms around in the English language that constructing poetry or any other form of literature can be a rewarding experience. But of course, there's always the other end of the spectrum of language. Those words that are dull, uninspiring, lazy even. But none of those can even comare to the word "minge".

"Minge" is a slang term for a vagina. I have learned literally thousands of words throughout my lifetime, and I can quite safely say that "minge" is the most disgusting word i've ever heard. I said before about the ability of certain words to pain vivid pictures in the imagination. "Minge" certainly does that, but my imagination provides me with a horrifying image. Upon hearing the word "minge" my mind's eye is confronted with an unreasonably large vagina, surrounded with straggly, greasy hair. A bit disgusting, you might say, but my mind doesn't think it matches the volume of disgust that the word emanates, so instantly I imagine, don't ask me why, small pieces of food caught up in said hair. Also, it smells of fish. I wouldn't agree with the common suggestion that vaginas smell like fish, but a "minge" most certainly would.

Now, i've heard plenty of names for the lady parts. Pussy, box, pink taco, piss flaps, smelly axe wound. Despite some conjuring up some quite unpleasant images, I could easily employ any one of them in conversation and flow straight onto the next item in my train of thought, which would obviously not be perverted in any way whatsoever. Upon hearing or thinking of the word "minge", however, my mind stops. I may continue, but there would be a visible or audible judder as that disgusting image flashes into my head. There is no way to stop it, I can only assume that it is a natural human reaction to the word. So women, put your minges away. Maybe if everyone strived to keep their lady purses in good condition we could abolish this awful word from the English language. I'm counting on you, ladies.

My rating: To do a rating system based on pictures of vaginas would be a bit untoward, so let's say 0/5

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