Thursday 21 April 2011

Today's Review: Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocos

Mmm, chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, and if they don't, they're lying. Or they're allergic and therefore their life isn't worth living. Chocolate tastes good, as evidenced by people enjoying eating it. So everyone must love when some new kind of chocolate comes out. I know it excites me.

Behold, Dairy Milk Chocos. they're like Rolos, but instead they're Chocos. In fact, they're exactly like Rolos. Same style packaging, same shape, everything except the caramel. And the fact that these are made with Dairy Milk. I wonder if at any point along the way from conception to production someone noticed the glaring similarities, before just thinking "Fuck it, we're Cadbury, we can take anyone on". But enough of my inane babbling. How do they taste?

Well, pretty much like Dairy Milk. A block of Dairy Milk that's shaped like a Rolo. Or a really fat Button. I understand there is perhaps a gap in the market for bitesize Dairy Milk chocolate, but I thought that's what Buttons were for. Whenever I eat Buttons I end up stacking them on top of each other anyway, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that sense. So why do I want to spend a buttload on these? I don't, particularly. But that's because whenever I eat chocolate I stuff my face, because I'm massively unhealthy.

I guess Chocos aren't for me. But they are chocolate, that's always good, and I can see how they would appeal to some people. In fact, it's pretty clear from the stand we were given to display Chocos that they were perhaps made to appeal to a certain market.

"Buy these, they'll look great hanging out of your sparkly lady purse!" Right, no thanks, i'll just go and buy this family sized bar and stuff it all up in my face like a real man.

My rating: 3/5

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