Monday 25 April 2011

Today's Review: Keyboard Cat

YouTube is great. It has been the birthplace of many memes and unlikely celebrities, and it's pretty much changed the world by giving absolutely everyone a base through which to create and share content. Plus it gave us keyboard cat.

Keyboard cat is a cat. A cat in baby's clothes, playing a keyboard. It's basically a little skit that some guy filmed in the 80s, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed if YouTube had not been invented. But it was, and keyboard cat has risen.

Keyboard cat waits, his arms ready and willing to hammer the keys. But there's something missing. There's a scenario playing out in the background, an epic fail waiting to happen. But it hasn't happened yet. It's only a matter of time though, and when someone fails horribly, and there seems to be no one there to make it better, there'll always be keyboard cat. Playing them off.

Look at that, two classic clips in one. Grape lady, in fact, is probably the first fail video that inspired all kinds of epic fails to be uploaded for the lulz, so to pin keyboard cat on the end is quite fitting. But there you have it, there is keyboard cat. If you don't understand, you never will. But believe me, keyboard cat is probably the greatest cat in existence, he definitely would be were it not for long cat, ceiling cat et al. Someday, I may be the victim of the most epic of fails caught on video, but in my darkest, most embarrassing hour, I know that somewhere there will be a guy adding keyboard cat onto the end just to play me off. Then everything will be okay.

My rating: 5/5

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