Thursday 14 April 2011

Today's Review Baby Wipes

There once was a time where I never used baby wipes. It was a dark time indeed, or so I imagine it was, as now I could not live without them. Baby wipes are, first and foremost, designed to wipe babies. Therefore, I did not invest in baby wipes until I first had a baby. If you have a baby, but no baby wipes, you're doing it wrong.

Baby wipes can be used on everything. Food, pen, chalk, waste, dirt, you name it, you can scrub it away with a baby wipe. Sure, some stains will be more stubborn than others, but even if you use more baby wipes than you think you should they'll still get the job done in the end. The baby wipe is a simple tool, it is quite simply a wipe, which is wet. But I guess the secret to its cleaning power lies in the nature of the wetness, because the list of chemicals in the ingredients goes straight over my head. I wondered why a packet of baby wipes would have a list of ingredients, but then I realised that baby wipes can do anything, so you can probably use them as a source of food in a zombie apocalypse. Or a standard apocalypse.

My kids will grow up one day. They'll stop getting poop, food and dribble everywhere, and they'll probably have kids of their own. Then I can look after them, but only so I can rediscover the joy of baby wipes that I may have lost. My grandkids will return cleaner than when they were given to me, i'll probably just spend the whole time wiping them down. I appreciate that one day there will not be a messy baby to wipe, but by that point i'll probably be getting poop, food and dribble everywhere myself, so let's just say that from now on, baby wipes are my constant companion. Wherever there's an untoward stain, a baby wipe shall clean it. For a baby wipe is not just for a baby, it can be for a man too. "Man wipe" doesn't have such a nice ring to it though.

My rating: 5/5

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