Tuesday 5 April 2011

Today's Review: The Road Crossing Outside Work

I know the picture quality is awful. Apparently cameras don't like it when it's dark save for a couple of blaring lights. But I think you get the picture. This is the first road crossing that i've seen like this. Most have just one set of red man/green man lights, but the masterminds behind this particular crossing saw it fit to place two on every pole. I can only assume this to be marketed towards both children and adults who cannot move their neck upwards or downwards, and lack any kinds of peripheral vision. While I do feel for them, I don't think they take up enough of the population to justify having two sets of the same lights stacked on top of each other. 

But that's not all. The best part is that on top of these two exact same sets of lights, we have some instructions. They basically say "Red man means stop, green man means go, push the button and wait." I must say, that wasn't too much of a revelation. My daughter knew how to work the traffic lights when she was two years old. All it took was saying "You get hit by a car, you get hurt, red means stop, green means go." It only took a couple of times before she knew it by heart, so i'm pretty sure a lot of people don't need written instructions permanently fixed above the lights. If they do they shouldn't be allowed outside without a responsible adult. 

My rating: I'm gonna go ahead and give it 2/5, 'cause there's probably room for three more sets of lights on that pole.

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