Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Today's Review: The Stuff I Ate Today

You guys are lucky, here's a super bumper review consisting of several small reviews. I could review each of these separately and be sorted for a week, but there's really not too much to say about each item, so here they are all in one themed package. Stuff I ate today.

We went to Lakeside to do some shopping today, as I have a holiday in six weeks that I only really just arranged. Holiday clothing was required. But we also needed lunch. Lakeside got a Taco Bell a year or so ago, and I hadn't had the chance to go there for noms. Until today.

Nachos were good. They were sprinkled with some spice that was very nice, and the cheese dip was awesome sauce. Literally awesome sauce. I also had a soft taco, but I wolfed it down before I thought to take a picture, because I was damn hungry. But pro tip, do not empty two sachets of the hottest hot sauce onto one small taco. It's kinda hot. But fear not, mexican wrap-based food lovers, I took a picture of my burrito.

Okay, I guess it doesn't look too appetising. But it wasn't that bad. I'd probably want to go for the chicken next time, the beef wasn't too appealing. I can usually identify how good the meat is by the texture and such, but I couldn't really find any in this. I guess this is where the Taco Bell meat hose comes in. All in all, not the best meal I've had, but it's the authentic American experience I guess.

So off we went (after eating some KFC on top, 'cause I can), onwards to the import sweet shop of Lakeside, Sweets From Heaven. This place is pretty ridiculously overpriced. Boxes of American cereal are now close to £10, my word. I would've normally picked up some Nerds, but now I import them myself from the Middle East, just 16p a box. Oooh yeah. But I still grabbed some stuff, and as per usual one of the main attractions were the soft drinks.

Man oh man, I haven't had Vanilla Coke in years. I loved the stuff when it was out in the UK, but then it disappeared. But now I had the chance to relive my late childhood. It was all that I remembered, but not nearly as fizzy. Either adding the vanilla flavouring magically made the fizz disappear, or the drink had been in the fridge for about 15 years. The design certainly looks very 90s. All in all, it brought back some good memories, but those memories are now tarnished by a disappointed element. Why did I have to go back? WHY?!

Well, onwards and upwards. I moved on to a chocolate bar that I've never seen before. 

A white lion?! Awesomes. Everything's better when it's made with white chocolate, which probably makes this one of the favourite chocolate bars of white supremacist groups. Until they realise that it's from Poland and thus trying to take all their jobs. This was good stuff, I haven't had a lion bar in a while, but the white chocolate was a pretty good variation. I had a white chocolate Twix at the end of last year, and that left a far more bitter taste in my mouth than this. You've just gotta know when making certain chocolate white works, and this one pays off.

Speaking of Twix, what was my next choice?

I started to have a passion for Twix a couple of months ago. It's kind of died off now, but there's always room in my heart for a peanut butter variation. Perhaps I shouldn't be so weak though. First off, there's no caramel. They could have put peanut butter and caramel inside, but noooo, don't wanna do that. Also, check out the biscuit:

What in the hell is that? It looks like an actual Twix biscuit has been broken down into compost and stuck in a new bar. I can't say I've had a normal American Twix, but that biscuit is wrong, all wrong. It's supposed to be chocolatey I think, but it just doesn't taste right. Also, with the peanut butter variety, I have to say, God forbid, there's just too much peanut butter in it. It kinda jars up your mouth and doesn't make way for any of the rest of the flavours to get through. It wasn't a great experience to eat, and also half of one finger mysteriously disappeared while I was eating, so it'll probably turn up later to avenge the death of its brothers.

Well, I certainly needed something to wash that down with.

CHERRY DR. PEPPER! ZOMFGWTFBBQ! Dr. Pepper used to be my all time favourite fizzy drink. Then Cherry Coke happened and made my taste buds abandon my old friend. But now it's trying to lure me back. Everything's better with cherries. Everything's even better with cherries and white chocolate, but white chocolate Dr. Pepper would be a terrible idea. So what of Cherry Dr. Pepper? 

Hmm, it's okay. Once again it was pretty flat. It must be that addition of the flavourings that's doing it, 'cause even the can here says it's "amazingly smooth", which is clearly their way of saying "not fizzy at all". Sorry old friend, I'll stick with the Cherry Coke.

We are almost at the end of my culinary tour. One more delight awaited me.

Another fond memory from my childhood that I only remembered when I saw the box again. I remembered Astros as being awesome. Kinda like Smarties, kinda like Mini Eggs, but with some biscuit in the middle. I vaguely remember scorfing these down like a pro. So I had to get in on some of this action. 

Sadly, they didn't taste great. The chocolate was nice, the biscuit was nice. But the crispy coating was fruit flavoured. And that does not mix well with chocolate. Sure, they didn't taste too bad, but it's another childhood memory that I've slightly tarnished. Oh well, I'll always have Golden Grahams.

My rating: 3.5/6

I'll let you figure that one out.

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