Thursday 21 July 2011

Today's Review: The Amount Of Olives I Have Left To Eat

It was yet another day scanning the shelves in the reduced section. Nothing of interest this time. But as I departed to glumly get regular-priced groceries, what should I see but a fair Tesco maiden delivering tarts and pots of olives from the deli. Of course I rushed back and took my pick, and not being an olive connoisseur I just went with the ones that looked like those nice ones I had in Nando's once.

I've grown to like olives over the last year or so, but I grossly misjudged my willingness to sit and eat them as a snack. It was the price that drew me, only 80p for the whole pot, down from £4. But now I realise it's a shallow victory. I've had them for a day. Look at the pitiful dent I've made in that pot. There's a note on the side that says "Use within 2 days of purchase", and I'm already halfway through that time. I don't normally strictly adhere to best before notices, but in a pot of cold slimy things I would start to feel very uneasy if they changed in flavour or consistency. I don't know what olives are like when they go off. It's a treacherous new world.

Besides, the note also says "Use within 2 days". This implies I should probably add them to some haute cuisine, not just gorge on them in the middle of the night like a classy fat person. But that is what I must do, because I can't be bothered to make anything to put olives in. Hopefully I shall demolish this pot within the allotted time, but at the moment it's looking bleak. Wish me luck.

My rating: 2/5

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