Monday 4 July 2011

Today's Review: Plasters

I've always been against wearing plasters. I have no idea why, but the thought of putting on a plaster seemed to be the easy way out. Maybe I just wanted to show off the big manly gashes that would otherwise be covered, perhaps people thought I was a big wuss if I wore one, or they'd think that what was underneath was more disgusting than it actually was.

But they don't deserve that bad attitude from me. Plasters are here to help me. Currently I have some skin next to my fingernail that keeps getting caught every time I pick up a DVD, and working at Blockbuster, that kind of happens a lot. Now my finger is wrapped in a plaster and I know that no more finger gouging will take happen now that my protector is in place.

Plasters cover up your injuries, they help them heal, they soak up blood. Whoever invented plasters is pretty awesome, and he probably got very rich, and used his own plasters to cover up the paper cuts he got from counting his stacks of money. But, no matter how awesome the idea of plasters are, there are some downsides.

It's the adhesive quality mostly. There seem to be two ends of the spectrum. One type will fall off if you so much as spit on it, and the other will refuse to budge even after a high pressure shower. Instead you have to rip it off along with most of your body hair, probably causing more pain that the cut gave you in the first place. There never seems to be a middle ground, and everyone seems to have just gotten used to that fact over the years.

The other thing isn't particularly a problem with the plaster itself, but whenever I have one on my finger I seem to actively avoid using that finger for anything, even though it is now protected and I was using it fine when my flesh was torn. It just feels weird, and I get the feeling I should just leave it alone, but the plaster is there to help me function normally while it helps my injuries to heal. This is probably another reason why I was always against wearing plasters, but I'm typing with my bad finger now, so I'm obviously confronting that demon.

You know what really sucks about plasters? When you run out of them. Especially if you've bought one of those packs with different sizes in and you're suddenly left to cover up a tiny cut with a plaster that looks like it was designed for a gash in an elephant's leg. Or a person's leg if you don't exaggerate. Again, that's probably not the plaster itself to blame, it's my own lack of forward thinking. It is clear I need to learn to be more tolerant towards the plaster, help it as much as it helps me.

Plasters are cool. All my prejudices aside, without things to cover up our wounds we'd look all disgusting and probably get blood on each other, and that's just a bit wrong. Also, the plaster I'm wearing has skull and crossbones on it, so that's just awesome.

My rating: 4/5

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