Wednesday 14 November 2012

Today's Review: Grape Soda

Whether it's Welch's, Fanta or any other drink with the same flavour, grape soda is probably unlike anything you've had before. Especially actual grapes. I like to eat grapes from time to time, they have a nice juicy, fruity flavour that isn't too intense. Drinking a can of grape soda, however, is like being punched in the mouth by a grape clone gone wrong that has escaped from a sugary dungeon. I'm not sure exactly what grape soda tastes like, so I'll just say... purple. It tastes like purple. It's an intense, sugary hit, that almost seems syrupy in nature. While the cans of all these drinks insist that I'm ingesting grape soda, I don't quite buy it. Instead I'm getting the best that American excess has to offer, a drink pumped full of additives and artificial flavours that leaves my taste buds reeling. I certainly wouldn't drink it all the time, but on the odd occasion that I pick up a can I enjoy every tooth-rotting mouthful of the stuff.

My rating: 4/5

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