Thursday 21 February 2013

Today's Review: Waiting Rooms

With the impending baby arrival, I have had the privilege of spending a fair amount of time in GP and hospital waiting rooms. Almost all of them are boring as hell.

Of course I don't expect them to be the epitome of fun, they're waiting rooms, you go there to wait, and waiting is boring. It's the often lame attempted to provide sole sort of entertainment that really baffle me. Occasionally you'll get the good waiting room, with some recent, easily digestible magazines, some newspapers, maybe even a TV. That kind of thing is normally reserved for hairdressers and the like. With the NHS you get things like half ripped up children's books or this months copy of Caravan Magazine (I actually had that one a couple of weeks ago).

Fortunately the room I'm in now is slightly better than average. There's a sizeable stack of reading material, including a newspaper from Saturday and some life story magazines (you know, the ones about children being abused and terriying miscarriages, probably not what you want to read when you're expecting). So yes, I have managed to keep myself occupied for the 2 hours I have been here. But waiting rooms are still boring, and most of them suck balls.

My rating: 1/5

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