Tuesday 12 February 2013

Today's Review: Not Making Pancakes On Pancake Day

Today was Pancake Day, and I knew this because of the stacks of pancake mix and abundance of extra lemons in the supermarkets, and the endless Facebook updates informing me that today was the day to eat pancakes. But you know what I didn't do today? Make pancakes.

I made some pancakes last week though. They were quite nice. Really I can take or leave pancakes, but apparently so can everyone else, because they only seem to eat them one day a year, but on that one day they get really excited about it. But guess what? You can make pancakes any day of the year. Really, try it. You don't need that pre-made batter stuff that's only around in February, you can make your own, out of cheap ingredients, and cook them whenever you want. Even in the summer. How crazy is that?

Okay, I can't really fault people for following well established seasonal days of the year, because then I'd have to hate on Christmas and Easter too. I probably would have made pancakes today if I had the time, but it's no big loss that I didn't, I can just do it tomorrow. Just like I could eat an Easter egg tomorrow too. But I won't, because I'm on a diet. Maybe that's the real reason I'm so bitter. No, it's definitely a lack of understanding of our constant ability to create pancakes.

My rating: 4/5 

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