Tuesday 19 February 2013

Today's Review: The Estate Agent Business Cards I Keep Getting Through My Door

It happens once every few weeks or so. A stealthy estate ninja comes up to my doorway and sticks a business card through. It has the standard estate agent info on the front, address, contact numbers and whatnot, but when flipped over it used to have a personal message, "Please call me". In time this has advanced to "Please call me about the marketing of your property", which makes me realise that they don't want me for me, they only want me for my flat.

Which is a shame, because I don't even own my flat. You'd think an estate agent would know which properties are rented or privately owned, although maybe they don't, I don't know, I barely know anything on the subject. But I haven't called, maybe they should take the hint. Do they have to keep dropping this business card through my door, hoping that would be the catalyst for me to start selling my flat? "Well, I was pretty happy here, but now this card has been jammed through my letterbox I suddenly want to pack up and leave", said no one ever.

Perhaps it's my fault for not calling to clarify that I don't own this place and maybe they should cross me off their list, but it's not quite annoying enough for me to make that effort. It's still annoying though. Although maybe I should start keeping all these cards and building them up into a tower.

My rating: 1/5

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  1. We moved into our brand new house last year, it's on a street that was built with all the new houses, so they're all brand new. Everybody in the area knows this, as if it's not obvious from the 2 houses they're still building and the bricks and sand and stuff everywhere.

    Yet a few months after we moved in we get a flyer through the door "THINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOUSE?"