Sunday 17 February 2013

Today's Review: Tumble Dryers

Our tumble dryer broke some time ago, and since we didn't have much money we put off buying one for a while. Instead, we invested in a couple of clothes horses, and resorted to draping our clothes over them and on radiators. Clothes took longer to dry, but hey, they dried, and without spending out on energy for tumbling.

But with a baby on the way it was time to buy ourselves a tumble dryer again, and by this time our washing had piled up quite dramatically, because clothes don't dry too well in winter. We were reasonably excited to be able to get wash loads dried quickly, and since the tumble dryer has arrived we haven't been disappointed.

You know what takes the longest to dry when hung up? Towels. They're created to soak up water, so trying to get it out by leaving it alone is a nightmare. But since we've been tumbling those towels they've been ready to use again in a matter of hours, I've never seen so many clean towels in my bathroom. Tumble dryers are magnificent in that respect. Shove some clothes in, turn the dial, and enjoy dry and toasty warm clothing in an hour or so. There's hardly any work required past that, except for emptying the lint tary and sticking the hose out of the window.

Of course, tumble dryers are not all perfect. There's the obvious power consumption that I mentioned earlier, but there's also the fact that not all clothes can go in a tumble dryer, and if you do end up putting the wrong thing in it could end up shrunk. So really there is some attention to detail required when selecting clothes, but the benefits of the tumble dryer far outweigh any negative points. But of course I would say that, with my mountains of fluffy warm towels.

My rating: 4/5

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